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An image resizer for social media.

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Pixelhunter: AI-Powered Image Resizer for Social Media

Pixelhunter is an innovative image resizer powered by AI technology. With the help of UPLOADCARE INTELLIGENCE API, it effortlessly recognizes objects and crops pictures automatically. Here’s why Pixelhunter is the perfect tool for social media image optimization:

Features and Benefits:
– Supports 102 sizes for various platforms
– Provides “real pro-tips” to create the best images
– Works with popular image types: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
– Ensures optimal image resizing using AI capabilities

Pro-Tips for Each Platform:
– Facebook: Make profile pictures recognizable; change cover photos frequently
– Instagram: Design interactive stories; detailed and text-rich square posts
– Twitter: Optimize for Twitter cards; keep profile pictures timeless
– YouTube: Informative and truthful thumbnails
– Open Graph: Craft beautiful images for sharing, considering UI features

📸💡 Create eye-catching social media images with Pixelhunter’s AI guidance! 🌟

Remember, a well-optimized image can make a significant impact on engagement and reach on each platform!

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