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Automated playlist generation for diverse situations.

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Introducing Playlist Genius: Your Personal AI Playlist Assistant!

Playlist Genius is an AI-powered tool created to help you curate the perfect playlist for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for Grammy-winning hits, energizing CrossFit jams, music for your little ones, or fast-paced Hindi songs, Playlist Genius has got you covered! 🎧🎵

Here’s what you need to know about Playlist Genius:

– It combines recommendations from ChatGPT and Spotify WebAPI to offer personalized song suggestions.
– You can provide a description of the playlist you want for even better recommendations.
– Please note that the tool is currently optimized for users in the US, so some recommended songs may not be playable in other regions.
– Playlist Genius is exclusively available on Spotify for now, although the developer, Kunal Modi, is working on enabling private Spotify playlist creation.
– Unfortunately, playlists cannot be created on other music streaming platforms at the moment.
– We value your feedback! Please reach out to the support email provided on our website to share your thoughts and suggestions.

It’s important to mention that Playlist Genius uses data from ChatGPT version 3.5, which is up to early 2022. Newer versions of ChatGPT may provide more recent recommendations, and Kunal Modi plans to update the tool accordingly.

Give Playlist Genius a try and let it create the perfect playlist for you! 🎶✨

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