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Speed-read articles with synthesized voices.

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Playtext: Enhancing Reading Experience with AI

Playtext is a text-to-speech app that aims to revolutionize reading by utilizing AI-generated voices. Here’s what makes Playtext a valuable tool:

– 📚 Captures articles from the internet and presents them in a distraction-free environment.
– ⚡️ Doubles the normal reading pace, allowing users to comfortably read up to 4x faster than usual.
– 🧠 Trains users to read at high speeds without sacrificing comprehension.
– 🌐 Offers multilingual support, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German.
– ⌨️ Provides keyboard shortcuts for a fully controlled reading experience.
– 🖌️ Particularly useful for individuals with dyslexia or learning disabilities.
– 👥 Benefits anyone looking to enhance their reading experience, improve their reading speed, and increase content retention and comprehension.

With its focus on AI technology and human-like voices, Playtext ensures an engaging and informative reading experience. Start using Playtext today and elevate your reading skills.

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