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Automated testing of server integration.

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Introducing Pythagora: The Ultimate Automated Integration Testing Tool! 🚀

💪 Say goodbye to writing code for tests! Pythagora analyzes server activity to create tests effortlessly.

🔧 Easy installation: Simply install with npm, run a capturing command, then execute a test command.

⚡️ Swift test creation: Pythagora generates tests for each API request, saving you 20-30% development time.

🌍 Test on any environment: Pythagora captures and restores server activity, ensuring consistent server states during testing.

📊 GPT-4 integration: Automate negative test creation with the power of AI. Connect your QA service for enhanced testing coverage.

💯 Closed beta success: GPT-4 generates a test suite of 150 tests achieving 80% code coverage in just 30 minutes.

💼 Focus on core tasks: Pythagora lightens the developer’s load, enabling them to concentrate on essential work.

Pythagora—The tool that revolutionizes integration testing and streamlines your development process! 🌟

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