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QuantPlus: Unlocking Creative Insights for Better Campaign Performance

QuantPlus is a cutting-edge AI-driven tool that revolutionizes advertising analytics by providing deep insights into previously run ad campaigns. Here’s what sets QuantPlus apart:

– **Unparalleled Data Analysis**: Unlike other testing platforms, QuantPlus goes beyond A/B testing and instead meticulously deconstructs every element of every ad to rank them against performance data.
– **Industry and Global Insights**: By studying trillions of data points, QuantPlus identifies the highest-performing creative elements across industries and countries, empowering marketers to make informed design decisions.
– **Data Points Galore**: QuantPlus records an extensive range of data points including CTA’s, phrase combinations, imagery content, objects, colors, element type prominence, category type, gender distribution, and more.
– **Industry-Specific Analysis**: Get detailed insights for education, finance, travel, food, automotive, retail, healthcare, entertainment, and telecom industries.
– **Unmatched ROI**: With QuantPlus, clients report ROI gains of up to 300%, bypassing old optimization methods and tailoring successful ad campaigns to different countries and cultures.

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