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Customize landing pages with pre-designed components.

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Rapidpages: The AI Tool for Quick and Beautiful Website Building

πŸ—οΈ Rapidpages is an AI tool designed to expedite project development and deployment, specifically for React & Tailwind landing pages.

🧩 It offers a selection of beautifully designed **React components** that are fully customizable and written using React, Tailwind, and Typescript.

πŸ’» Users can choose desired components and make customizations using the **AI assistant, Rapidcoder**, streamlining the coding process.

πŸ“¦ Once finished, users can easily export the code.

πŸ’‘ For non-designers, Rapidpages provides pre-designed components and the **Rapidcoder AI assistant**, enabling visually appealing websites without extensive design skills.

✨ Significant changes are supported through the code editor for further customization.

🌐 Rapidpages also offers **free hosting** with a unique subdomain for each page created, simplifying page sharing.

πŸ’° Rapidpages follows a developer-friendly pricing approach with no subscriptions or lock-ins. Users only pay for the necessary features.

πŸ“œ Different plans are available, including a **free Hobby plan** and an Entrepreneur plan with additional offerings like custom logo design services, premium templates, and dedicated support channels.

πŸš€ Rapidpages aims to facilitate fast and efficient website development, catering to all users, whether beginners or experienced, with a specific focus on React & Tailwind landing pages.

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