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Locate and review past data on Macs.

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Rewind: Your Life’s Search Engine

Rewind πŸ”„ is a revolutionary search engine that helps you find every detail of your digital life. With Rewind, you can effortlessly track down anything you’ve seen, said, or heard. It’s your personal memory bank, securely storing all recordings on your Mac for ultimate privacy.

πŸ” Utilizing native macOS APIs, Rewind leverages Optical Character Recognition to analyze everything on your screen. This powerful technology enables lightning-fast searches across all your files and documents.

πŸ’Ό Say goodbye to endless scrolling through meeting notes! Rewind automatically records your meetings, making them easily searchable. No need to worry about CPU strain – Rewind intelligently manages resources, ensuring smooth recording without impacting performance.

βœ… Worried about your privacy? You can exclude specific apps and even enable private browsing mode for complete control.

🍏 Built for the latest M1 & M2 Apple Silicon SOCs, Rewind fully utilizes the power of your Mac’s system on a chip, providing a seamless experience.

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks – Rewind helps you reclaim your digital memories with just a few clicks.

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