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Summarize text for translation/grammar check.

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RiteBot: Your User-Friendly AI Assistant 🤖

✨ RiteBot is a free frontend tool designed specifically for the ChatGPT API, making it easy for users to generate prompts and maintain chat history.

✨ Accessible and Convenient: RiteBot allows users to log in using their Google accounts, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.

✨ Paraphrasing, Translation, and Summarization Made Easy: RiteBot excels in generating paraphrases, translations, and summaries, ensuring accurate and error-free output.

✨ Concise Overviews: With RiteBot’s summarization capabilities, users can quickly extract critical information and save valuable time.

✨ Grammatical Error-Free: RiteBot utilizes natural language processing technology to spot and correct grammatical errors, improving the quality of your writing.

✨ Suitable for Everyone: Whether you’re an individual or a business, RiteBot is an effective and efficient tool that provides text prompts, summaries, paraphrases, grammatical error-free text, and translations.

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