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Assisted programming in JupyterLab.

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Roboweb: The Perfect AI Assistant for Exploratory Programming

🤖 Roboweb is an AI assistant created specifically for exploratory programming with the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT embedded in JupyterLab.

📦 Choose from three installation options:
– Docker (recommended): Simply run a command to serve JupyterLab on port 8888 and get a link in the terminal.
– Pip: Set up a virtual environment, activate it, install the Roboweb extension and server, enable the server extension, and run JupyterLab.
– Kubernetes: Find detailed deployment instructions for using Roboweb with Kubernetes.

🔑 Sign in or create an account to access Roboweb’s full features, including chat history retrieval.

⚙️ Add your OpenAPI key securely, stored locally in your browser and never transmitted to Roboweb’s servers.

🔧 If Roboweb detects an error in your code cell, it will automatically offer to fix it. Just click the “Fix detected errors” button for detailed instructions.

⭐️ Roboweb is a practical AI assistant that seamlessly integrates with JupyterLab, supporting exploratory programming and making error fixing a breeze.

Choose Roboweb today and unlock the power of AI in your programming journey!

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The AI you need, exactly when you need it.

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