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Delegated tasks performed by autonomous agents.

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The Spell AI tool is an innovative way to delegate daily tasks to autonomous AI agents. 🤖 These agents are equipped with powerful plugins and powered by GPT4, making them capable of transforming your work. Here’s what you can do with Spell:

– Find and summarize trending AI research 📚
– Generate tweets 🐦
– Create CSV files with contact info for remote-first companies 📇
– Perform SEO audits 🔍

Spell’s Autonomous Agents feature allows you to spawn independent agents that work together to solve your problems. They can run in parallel, saving you time⏱️. You can also use Prompt Variables to input your own ideas, data, or topics and let AI work its magic✨.

With a library of curated prompts and templates in various categories, such as marketing and software engineering, Spell has something for everyone. Plus, the plugin-rich features cover areas like stock research, travel planning, fitness coaching, market research, and more. 📈💼💪

Choose from Personal, Professional, or Expert plans to enjoy AI agents, over 100 plugins, GPT3.5, GPT4, curated prompts, prompt variables, and priority support. Professional and Expert users can also collaborate with their teams on Spell.AI. 👥💻✨

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The AI you need, exactly when you need it.

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