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Audio separation for music production/editing.

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Introducing Splitter.ai: The Ultimate AI Audio Processing Tool 💥🎧

Splitter.ai, developed by a Swedish research company, is an innovative AI audio processing tool. With advanced machine learning software, it can separate and extract stems from music, including vocals, drums, piano, bass, and more. Here’s why Splitter.ai is gaining popularity:

⭐ Free and Paid Services:
– Free version available on the Splitter Dashboard.
– PRO version offers advanced features like 2 stem separation, reverb removal, and YouTube splitting.

⭐ Endless Possibilities:
– Useful in music production, DJing, forensics engineering, audio engineering, and more.
– Trusted by millions of users worldwide.

⭐ Legal Responsibility:
– Users advised to handle unlicensed music with caution.
– Splitter collaborates with music industry professionals to prevent copyright infringement.

⭐ Fundraising Campaign:
– Support Splitter.ai’s growth by making a donation.

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