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Coding assistant & learning for programmers

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StableCode: Enhancing Coding Efficiency with AI

StableCode, developed by Stability AI, is an LLM generative AI product for coding that aims to assist programmers in their daily work and serve as a learning tool for new developers. Here’s what it offers:

– Three different models to enhance coding efficiency
– Base model trained on a diverse set of programming languages, including Python, Go, Java, JavaScript, C, Markdown, and C++
– Trained on 560B tokens of code
– Instruction model specifically tuned for complex programming tasks, trained on 120,000 code instruction/response pairs
– Long-context window model allowing for single and multiple-line autocomplete suggestions
– Can handle 2-4 times more code at once compared to previous open models
– An excellent learning tool for beginners tackling larger coding challenges

StableCode empowers people of all backgrounds to create code and contributes to a more inclusive tech ecosystem. It’s a step towards making technology more accessible and providing fairer access worldwide. 🌍💻

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