Taskheat AI Assistant

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Task flow generation and management.

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**Taskheat: Visualize and Manage Your Tasks**

πŸ“‹ Taskheat is a task management app designed for macOS, iPadOS, and iOS devices.

πŸ’‘ *Visualize Your To-Do Lists* – Use the innovative flowchart feature to link and visualize your tasks, giving you a comprehensive overview.

πŸ”— *Manage Complex Relationships* – Create, modify, and delete links to manage the relationships between your tasks.

🏷️ *Tag Your Tasks* – Assign color-coded tags to your tasks and receive notifications when they are due. Stay organized and on top of your priorities.

πŸ‘₯ *Delegate Tasks Easily* – Delegate tasks to third parties without interfering with your own tasks. Get the help you need without the hassle.

πŸ€– *AI Assistant* – Taskheat AI Assistant generates tasks based on your input, helping you build a task flow effortlessly.

✨ *Free Trial* – Try Taskheat for two weeks to evaluate if it meets your needs. It’s a single purchase for all versions, no subscription required.

πŸ’° *Price* – The Full Version price varies based on region and currency.

πŸ”’ *Privacy Policy* – Taskheat uses cookies to personalize your experience. Please review our Privacy Policy before using the app.

πŸ“± Available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices.

*Note: The AI Assistant is currently in beta version and might undergo changes in future releases regarding availability, content, and pricing.*

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