TaskMatrix.AI by Microsoft

Short description

API platform for diverse tasks.

Long description

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**Visual-chatgpt/TaskMatrix.AI**: an official repository for an AI ecosystem
– Connects foundation models with millions of APIs for task completion
– Utilizes existing foundation models as a central system
– APIs of other AI models and systems serve as sub-task solvers
– Achieves diversified tasks in both digital and physical domains

**Visual ChatGPT**: An example of applying TaskMatrix.AI to the visual domain

**TaskMatrix.AI**: A new paradigm shift in AI development
– Differs from previous work that aimed to improve a single AI model

**Access and Resources**:
– Paper available on arXiv.org
– Online system under development, expected launch in the future
– AI directory can access code and resources for visual ChatGPT and TaskMatrix.AI
– Researchers and developers can use this platform for diverse AI applications
– Enables innovation in digital and physical domains

**GitHub Repository**:
– Documentation, code, issues, pull requests, and contributions available
– Gain deeper understanding of TaskMatrix.AI’s functionality and capabilities.

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