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Doc processing & data extraction for businesses.

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ThinkAiAgency: Empowering Businesses with AI Technology and Data Science

ThinkAiAgency is an artificial intelligence company that specializes in data science and AI technology, offering a wide range of services to help businesses leverage the power of AI.

✨ Expertise in natural language processing, computer vision, recommendation systems, and more.
✨ Track record of over 20 successful projects in various industries including healthcare, fintech, and aerospace.
✨ Highly qualified team with PhD and Master’s degrees, ensuring top-notch expertise.

🤩 Customer Success Stories:
– Helped AiSport improve ML models for sports training, making it accessible worldwide.
– Partnered with Pika to develop a chatbot that learns from PDF files and URLs for accurate responses.
– Enhanced HireGpt’s candidate scoring technology, resulting in more accurate recommendations.
– Developed a React Native MVP for Famished’s food matching and delivery system, launching on time and within budget.

💡 Services Offered:
– AI and big data software development
– Automation of processes
– Enrichment of customer insights
– Cost-efficiency solutions

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