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Simplified Jira ticket creation solution.

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TicketGenius: Simplify Jira Ticket Creation with AI

TicketGenius, developed by TaskTuna, is an AI assistant tool designed to streamline the process of ticket creation on Jira projects. Here’s what makes it a valuable solution:

✔️ Generates well-formatted user stories based on brief descriptions

✔️ Splits existing stories into manageable chunks

✔️ Automatically creates subtasks for new stories

✔️ Links and attaches existing stories to relevant epics

✔️ Reduces manual effort in ticket creation

✔️ Uses artificial intelligence for accurate descriptions

✔️ Helps navigate projects and collaborate with team members more efficiently

✔️ Continuously updated with new features

✉️ Integrates with Atlassian products, allowing creation and editing of issues in Jira

⛔️ Not part of the Marketplace Bug Bounty program

⛔️ Partners have not completed the Security Self-Assessment Program

For more information, please refer to TaskTuna’s privacy policy. With TicketGenius, simplify your workflow, enhance productivity, and enjoy the benefits of AI-powered Jira ticket generation.

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