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Bots + chat for unified inbox, boosted ROI.

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**Tiledesk’s Free Live Chat with Chatbots, WhatsApp and Agents UNLIMITED**

Tiledesk is a versatile platform that combines free live chat with open-source chatbots to boost ROI and streamline customer communications. With Tiledesk, businesses can enjoy the following features:

– πŸ“ž Live Chat Widget: Engage with customers in real-time through a customizable chat widget.
– πŸ€– Chatbot Integration: Harness the power of AI with open-source chatbots to automate responses and improve efficiency.
– πŸ“± Mobile Apps: Stay connected with customers on the go through mobile apps.
– πŸ”„ Unified Messaging: Manage all customer communications from one centralized inbox.
– πŸ”Œ Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like WhatsApp for Business, Facebook Messenger, and more.
– πŸ“š Chatbot Knowledge Base: Build a comprehensive knowledge base to improve self-service options for customers.

Tiledesk offers a range of pre-built templates for different use cases, such as lead generation, immediate responses, and FAQ bots. Trusted by global brands, local organizations, and startups, Tiledesk provides cutting-edge chatbot technology for digital channels, conversational ticketing, and multichannel messaging.

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