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Interactive and immersive narratives creation.

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Tome: An AI-Powered Storytelling Tool

πŸ“š Tome is an AI-powered storytelling tool that allows anyone to create and share immersive narratives effortlessly.

🎨 The platform combines an interactive canvas with an AI storytelling partner, making it easy for users to generate presentations, outlines, or stories quickly.

πŸ’‘ Users can transform static content, such as strategy documents or creative briefs, into dynamic Tomes, or summarize important information from long-format content.

✨ With AI features, users can iterate their work and ensure their stories are conveyed in their desired tone and style.

πŸ“± Tome offers responsive layouts that adjust to any screen size and provides a full-screen experience for an immersive presentation mode.

πŸ’» Users can embed live, interactive product mocks, 3D prototypes, data, web pages, and more directly into their Tome.

πŸ“Š The platform also allows users to track analytics to see who has viewed their Tome.

πŸ’‘ With a variety of use cases and templates available, Tome is suitable for teachers, founders, executives, marketers, creatives, product designers, and personal use.

πŸ‘ Tome has received positive feedback from renowned individuals like Greylock Partner Reid Hoffman and SpaceX Founder Larry Lundstrom, who have praised its flexibility, attention to detail, and production value.

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