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Automated trading strategy platform.

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Tradingview Scripter: Automating Your Trading Strategy

✨ Introducing Tradingview Scripter, an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of transforming trading ideas into actionable code. Powered by Elon Musk’s OpenAI GPT-3, this innovative platform assists traders in generating backtesting TradingView scripts, maximizing trading efficiency and potential.

🔒 How does it work?
– Traders answer simple questions about their preferred trading strategy and conditions.
– The advanced AI system processes the data and generates the necessary PineScript code, aligning with the trader’s unique approach.
– Define criteria for closing trades, such as profit targets or stop-loss levels.
– Alerts can be set up based on your strategy, triggering automated trading actions when specific conditions are met.

💡 Key Features:
– Seamlessly load PineScript code into
– Conduct comprehensive backtests on historical data.
– Optimize your strategy under various market conditions.

💪 Tradingview Scripter empowers traders to automate their trading strategies, enhancing their trading outcomes. Let AI do the heavy lifting for you!

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