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Transform hand-drawn illustrations with custom styles.

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The “Image-to-Illustration” Tool

The “图像转绘” (Image-to-Illustration) tool is an innovative platform offered by Graph Origin, a Beijing-based company. With this tool, users can effortlessly convert their images into stunning hand-drawn illustrations. Here’s what you can expect from this exciting tool:

✨ Transform images into various styles: Disney, oil painting, comic book, and more.
✨ Customize your illustration: Adjust the number of generated images, effects, dimensions, and outline.
✨ Explore a wide range of image models: Conceptual scenes, characters, 2D to 3D animation, and more.
✨ Convert and enhance: Clear the original image and convert it into a beautiful hand-drawn illustration for just six credits.
✨ Interactive learning: Perfect for novices wanting to acquire the skill of hand-drawing using AI.
✨ Share your feedback: Provide valuable inputs via the website’s feedback form.

With “图像转绘,” artistic expression is just a click away. Start creating your own visually captivating illustrations today! 🎨✏️

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