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Event info monitoring and organization, decentralized.

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UPTO3: Decentralized Event Consensus Protocol with AI and Blockchain

UPTO3 is revolutionizing event management by merging blockchain and AI to tackle the challenges of organizing and structuring vast amounts of information. Here’s what you need to know:

🔹 Objective: Improve timeliness, validity, and transparency in web3, cryptocurrency, and influencer communities

🔹 Technology: Utilizes Ethereum and AI-driven structured organization to create a decentralized event knowledge graph protocol

🔹 Key Features:
– Save function: Users can save tweeted events by replying “@upto3xyz save”
– Timeline: Logs events by date with automated AI processes to ensure nothing is missed
– Validation pool: Provides opportunities for unbiased event validation and rewards
– Minting event NFTs, open data access, and flexible content organization through topics

🔹 Goal: Establish a decentralized consensus protocol for event management, fostering unrestricted access to information and incentivizing participation

UPTO3 envisions an era of open, liberated, and reliable information by leveraging AI and blockchain. Join the movement today!

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