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Worksite safety monitoring and accident prevention.

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Introducing viAct: Smart Site Safety System in Hong Kong

viAct is a groundbreaking safety system that revolutionizes site safety in various industries. Here’s what it offers:

– AI-enabled centralized management platform for easy monitoring and response to site safety performance
– Digitalized permit-to-work system with online application, issuance, and tracking capabilities
– AI safety monitoring for confined space work, powered tool tracking, PPE detection, and more
– Virtual reality safety training for enhanced learning and awareness
– Danger zone access control to prevent accidents in mobile plant operations
– Alert system for unsafe acts and dangerous situations using AI video analytics

🚧 Known for safety in construction, oil & gas, smart cities, manufacturing, and mining industries 🏭

Experience the benefits of viAct’s integrated AI solutions:

💪 Enhanced transparency of workflow
⏱️ Improved operational productivity and efficiency
👀 Smarter monitoring of jobsites

Don’t compromise on safety. Choose viAct and mitigate occupational injuries in a smart way.

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