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Enhanced image creation through manipulation.

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Vispunk: Enhancing Generative AI Image Creation

Vispunk is a powerful image-first tool that revolutionizes generative AI image workflows by prioritizing the use of visuals in composing customized and coherent results. Here’s what it offers:

✨ Add and manipulate your own images using familiar tools and new Vispunk features.
✨ Magic Assets: Sketch a rough shape and generate countless images with similar shapes.
✨ Magic Pose: Create tailored stock images based on shape, pose, and description preferences.
✨ Drag and drop images onto green grass for spontaneous compositions.
✨ Use descriptions or search terms to guide the AI in generating specific images.
✨ Select tool: Focus on specific regions for AI generation.

Vispunk’s fantastic features streamline the image creation process and include:

🎨 Generative Fill
🧹 Magic Erase
🌅 Remove Background
🖼️ Object Select
🖋️ Draw
🖐️ Hand tools

For updates and community engagement, join the Vispunk Reddit community. Work with Vispunk on your laptop and experience its image-first approach to AI image workflows.

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