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Assisted coding in Visual Studio.

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The Visual chatGPT Studio: Adding chatGPT Functionalities to Visual Studio

The Visual chatGPT Studio is a free extension for Visual Studio that seamlessly integrates chatGPT functionalities into the IDE. Here’s what you need to know:

✨ **Consulting chatGPT**: Users have two convenient ways to interact with chatGPT: through the text editor or a dedicated tool window.

✨ **New chatGPT commands**: The extension offers a helpful set of commands. Right-clicking in the text editor lets users access features like asking for suggestions, creating unit tests, debugging, optimizing code, adding comments and summaries, and more.

✨ **Tool window interaction**: Users can interact directly with chatGPT in the tool window, receiving answers without leaving their workflow. The window editor replicates the chatGPT portal experience and comes with additional capabilities like conversation history, customizable personalities, and exclusive use of the gpt-3.5-turbo model.

⚠️ **API Key requirement**: To use the tool, users need to set up an OpenAI API Key.

⚙️ **Dependence on OpenAI API**: Please note that changes to the OpenAI API may impact the extension’s functionality and response times.

🐞 **Reporting issues**: If you encounter bugs or unexpected behavior, leave a comment to help the developers address it.

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