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Construct chatbots for websites with cloud.

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πŸ€– WebWhiz: Train a Customized Chatbot for Your Website

WebWhiz is an AI chatbot tool designed to help website owners effortlessly answer their customers’ questions. Here’s what you need to know:

– No coding skills required: WebWhiz simplifies complex steps, making it easy for anyone to use.
– Accurate and relevant responses: The chatbot responds using data-specific information from your website.
– Automatic data crawling: WebWhiz regularly updates the chatbot’s knowledge by crawling your website data.
– Cloud-based or self-hosting options: Choose between using WebWhiz’s cloud-based solution or hosting it yourself with your own open AI key.
– Accessible and flexible: WebWhiz is available for free on GitHub, or you can subscribe to premium plans for additional features.
– Token-based plans: Premium plans include token usage, project and page limits.
– Customizable appearance: Match the chatbot’s look to your website theme and further fine-tune its training results.
– Easy integration: Use the no-code builder to quickly add the chatbot to your website.
– Support available: Get assistance through the FAQ section and the chatbot itself.


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