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Mental health exercises for anxiety relief.

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Youper: An AI-Based Therapy App for Mental Health and Anxiety


– Youper is an AI-based therapy app that helps users improve their mental health and reduce anxiety.
– The app uses interactive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) exercises, backed by scientific evidence, to calm anxiety and improve mood.
– Users are guided through practical exercises focused on clear thinking, managing stress, and controlling emotions.
– Features include mood tracking, goal setting, and self-esteem building.
– Developed by therapists, Youper makes CBT accessible to all users, allowing for flexible use anytime.
– The app has been proven effective in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, as confirmed by a Stanford University study.
– Premium features provide personalized AI-guided CBT exercises, voice journaling, and meditations.
– Subscriptions are available, automatically renewing unless cancelled in Play Store Account Settings.
– Data privacy and security practices are well-defined: data is collected and shared only as necessary, and users can request data deletion.

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