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ZipZap.AI: Your Free Personal AI Assistant

ZipZap.AI is a multi-browser extension AI assistant developed by OpenAI, powered by the ChatGPT API. Here’s what makes ZipZap.AI a valuable tool:

– 🤖 ChatGPT: An AI chatbot that can answer your questions and provide assistance on various topics.
– 🌍 Knowledge Encyclopedia: Get information on technology, health, education, entertainment, tourism, and more.
– ✨ Office Tool: Use ZipZap.AI to translate or summarize text from any web page.

Using ZipZap.AI is easy:
1. Click on the floating ball or use the shortcut key (Cmd+M/Ctrl+M) to start chatting.
2. Select text and let ZipZap.AI translate or summarize it.
3. Free users have a daily limit of 10K tokens, but you can upgrade for advanced features anytime.

ZipZap.AI uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand your language and provide relevant answers. Join our community on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or Facebook for support.

Get your own personal AI assistant with ZipZap.AI, a free and feature-packed tool!

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The AI you need, exactly when you need it.

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