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iOS typing and sharing with personalized shortcuts.

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ZoZo: Supercharge Your iOS Keyboard Experience

📱 ZoZo, an innovative keyboard extension app for iOS, enhances your typing and sharing capabilities with personalized Keyboard Shortcuts.

🌟 Utilize ZoZo AI, powered by ChatGPT, to access an AI language model straight from your keyboard.

⌨️ Create four types of shortcuts: Text, Photo, Link, or File. Customize each shortcut to fit your preferences.

☁️ Protect your privacy. Feel at ease knowing your data remains secure while using ZoZo’s Keyboard.

💡 Access shortcuts easily by tapping the Globe icon on your device’s keyboard. Navigate to ZoZo’s Keyboard interface and select the desired shortcut or leverage ZoZo AI as a ChatGPT shortcut.

💰 Choose from ZoZo’s flexible pricing plans: a free version with limited features, or unlock unlimited shortcuts with ZoZo Pro or ZoZo Pro Lifetime. Enjoy Siri Shortcuts integration and customize app appearance and icons.

💪 Extend the functionality of your iOS keyboard with ZoZo’s personalized shortcuts and take your typing and sharing experience to the next level.

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